What is a Green Mower

In spite of recent technological breakthroughs and efforts to make gas-powered lawn mowers more efficient, Green Mowers believes that two distinct types of green mowers are currently available on the market. We believe that these two mower types are electric mowers and reel mowers. A reel mower operates on human push power, whereas an electric mower runs on electricity. Each type of green mower offers an astounding array of variety. Still, these green mower types, when grouped into two different classifications, offer distinct benefits and drawbacks for yard work and the environment:

Reel Mower:

Green Mower: Subtype Reel Mower


  • Inexpensive
  • No cost to operate
  • Almost silent
  • Relatively safe
  • Minimal maintenance needs


  • Unsuitable for large or hilly yards
  • Demands more maintenance
  • Inability to cut debris, i.e. sticks
  • Some models are hard to push (could be a pro for those looking to workout, though)

Electric Mower:

Green Mower: Subtype Electric Mower


  • Multiple model types for all yard needs and sizes
  • Ability to mow over small debris
  • Generally quieter than gas-powered counterparts


  • Expensive
  • Operating cost
  • Indirect emission of pollution
  • Battery performance reduces with age
  • Some models use extension cords, limiting range

Green Mower Explanation

As demonstrated above, both electric mowers and reel mowers are both green alternatives to traditional gas-powered mowers. Although all mower production requires the use of non-renewable resources, green mowers emit little to no waste each time they are ran: reducing emissions and environmental impact overtime. Reel mowers run off manpower, so no external energy source is required. Electric mowers, however, require the use of electricity. Although most electric power is generated by coal, modern power plants produce energy from coal much more efficiently than gas-powered mowers are able to. This factor, when combined with the continual evolution of the electric grid (in stark comparison to gas engines becoming more inefficient with age), makes electric mowers another green alternative.