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Effective Date: Nov 13, 2022


Green Mowers, its subsidiaries, and/or affiliates (“Green Mowers”) may gather and store Personal Information of clients, staff members, colleagues, suppliers, and distributors through normal company operations. Information may be gathered, sent, and stored by Green Mowers on servers located anywhere in the world.

The privacy and security of Personal Information gathered as part of its routine business operations are priorities for Green Mowers. This Privacy Statement (the “Statement”), which may be updated from time to time, is applicable to all Personal Information given to Green Mowers in any manner or medium.

We will notify you of any changes to our information practices here and provide you the option to opt out of any additional uses if our information practices change in the future.

Check our website frequently if you have concerns about how your information is being utilized.


By consuming information on our website, you agree to hold us unliable and not at fault to the furthest extent allowed by law for any information errors leading to, but not including, harm or death.


Your interactions with Green Mowers online, in person, on the phone, or via the mail may result in the collection of your personal information. Information that identifies, relates to, characterizes, or could reasonably be linked (directly or indirectly) with you or your family is referred to as “personal information.”

The types of personal data we gather are:

(I) Contact details such your name, postal address, contact number, and email address;

(ii) Audio recordings of your interactions or transcripts of online chats you have with our customer care representatives;

(iii) Survey and demographic data, including your age, household details, lawn care/outdoor power product ownership/purchase history, employment details (such as job title, location, etc.), and product preferences;


Your Personal Information is gathered by Green Mowers from a variety of sources.
When you contact our customer service department through phone, email, live chat, normal mail, or one of our social media platforms, as well as when you post information on those platforms or sign up for emails and newsletters, you give us Personal Information through our website.

We track and gather non-personally identifying information about you when you visit our website in order to better manage it by identifying trends, following user activity, and compiling broad demographic data.

This information consists of

(a) IP address,

(b) domain name,

(c) type of computer, and

(d) type of web browser.

In order to effectively serve content to your machine, our website also uses cookies to retain the necessary information.

We also gather data from outside sources. Our affiliated companies, licensed dealers, authorized service providers, and other business partners who help us with marketing and advertising, customer service assistance, or product services may give us your personal information.


PERSONAL INFORMATION IS NOT SOLD OR TRADED BY Green Mowers. With your permission, Green Mowers will only make use of or disclose to third parties your Personal Information for the purposes specified in this policy.

In order to perform services on your behalf, Green Mowers may divulge your Personal Information to third-party service providers. Distributors, licensed dealers, sales representatives, service providers, and other companies with which we have partnered to offer a good or service to you are some examples of these third parties. To address product-related concerns and/or offer warranty services, these third parties may require access to Information about you or the products you purchased.

In order to help us market our goods and services, Green Mowers may share your Personal Information with businesses that offer support services. Examples of these businesses include marketing consultants, printers, web hosts, call center/chat providers, payment processors, shipping service providers, and other third parties. To provide these services, these businesses might want access to Information about you. We do not, however, give our approval or authorization for these businesses to use the Information we disclose to them for any other objective.


Adding protection for kids using the internet is another one of our priorities. We urge parents and guardians to keep an eye on, engage in, monitor, and/or direct their children’s internet behavior.

Children under the age of 13 are not deliberately provided with any personally identifiable information by Green Mowers. We firmly advise you to notify us immediately if you believe that your child provided this kind of information on our website. We will make every attempt to rapidly erase such information from our database.


You can get in touch with us to ask for the personal data we have on file for you. You can file a request HERE if you’d want to discover what Personal Information we’ve learned about you over the last 12 months.

Please get in touch with us in writing, either by mail or contact form, if you want to assign someone else the right to ask for your personal information.

Green Mowers will request proof of your identification and/or permission to request under this Section in order to safeguard your privacy and the accuracy of your Personal Information. To that end, before we respond to your request, you could be requested to give your website account details (if you have one), information about a product you’ve registered, or proof of certain Personal Information you’ve already provided to us.

You won’t face any prejudice from Green Mowers if you exercise your legal rights under this Section.

California Residents’ Rights

The rights listed in this section apply to you if you live in California. Instructions on how to exercise these rights can be found in the section below titled “Exercising Your Rights.” Please be aware that when providing some services to our customers, we may process the personal data of their end users or employees.

You should get in touch with the organization that originally obtained your personal data if we are handling it as a service provider so that you can discuss your rights.

If you live in California and there is a disagreement between this section and any other part of this privacy policy, the part that is more protective of personal data will take precedence. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about this clause or whether any of the enumerated rights apply to you.


You have the right to ask us for specific details regarding how we’ve collected and used your personal information over the last 12 months. We will then give you the following details in response:

  • The kind of personal information about you that we have gathered.
  • the types of sources that were used to gather such personal information.
  • the commercial or business reason for collecting or selling your personal information.
  • The kind of other parties that we have shared your personal information with
  • The exact personal information about you that we have gathered.

We will list the categories of personal data shared with each kind of third-party recipient if we have shared any of your personal information with them for commercial purposes within the last 12 months. We will list the categories of personal data sold to each category of third-party recipient if we have sold your personal information over the last 12 months.


You have the right to ask us to remove any personal information we have about you. This right is restricted by the CCPA in some ways. For instance, we might need to keep your information in order to give you the services, finish a transaction, or carry out any activity you’ve asked for. We have the right to reject your deletion request if it falls inside one of these exclusions.

Exercising Your Rights

You must make us a request in order to use the rights outlined above.

Within 45 days of receiving your valid request, we will do our best to answer. Except in cases where your valid request(s) is/are excessive, repetitious, or plainly baseless, we won’t charge you a fee for making the request. Before completing your request, we will inform you of the price and provide an explanation if we decide that your legitimate request requires payment.

A legitimate request may be made HERE.

Additionally, you have the option of appointing an agent (“approved agent”) to act in your place. You must give your authorized agent written authorization to act on your behalf in order to do this; we may ask for a copy of this authorization when it is made on your behalf by your authorized agent.

Personal Data Sales Opt-Out and Opt-In

The term “sell” is used in this section in accordance with the CCPA’s definition. We have not sold any personal information to outside parties in the last 12 months. Additionally, we never sell the personal information of anyone under the age of 16.

We Will Not Discriminate Against You for Exercising Your Rights Under the CCPA.

We won’t treat you differently just because you’re exercising your CCPA rights. If you use your CCPA rights, we won’t refuse you our products or services, charge you a different price or rate, or give you inferior products or services. As permitted by applicable data privacy regulations (including the CCPA), we may offer several levels of our services, with varying costs, tiers, or levels of quality of the goods or services you receive in relation to the value of personal data we obtain from you.


You can make a request to opt-out and/or have your Personal Information deleted from our records if you do not want to receive information from us going forward or if you want us to stop using the Personal Information we have gathered over the last twelve (12) months. A request can be made HERE.

Please get in touch with us in writing, either by letter or the contact form at the aforementioned link, if you want to assign someone else the responsibility of making requests for your Personal Information to be deleted or to opt out.

Green Mowers will request proof of your identification and/or permission to request under this Section in order to safeguard your privacy and the accuracy of your Personal Information. To that end, before taking any actions to delete your Information, you may be required to provide information about your website account (if you have one), information about a product for which you have registered, or to confirm certain Personal Information previously provided to us.

However, kindly take note that Green Mowers is unable to erase Personal Information required for the following:

a) completing all necessary legal responsibilities, such as fulfilling warranty obligations, issuing safety advisories and notices, responding to legal or regulatory inquiries, and retaining data necessary for a legal claim or litigation; and

b) in the case of information supplied by employees, data required for hiring, promotion, or other employment-related decisions. Green Mowers will offer an affirmative or explicit (opt-in) choice if certain more sensitive Personal Information (which may include race, gender, religion, medical information, etc.) is to be disclosed to a third party for use in a way that is incompatible with the purpose for which it was collected.

You won’t face any prejudice from Green Mowers if you exercise your legal rights under this Section.


As the owner of the Personal Information you provide to us, you have the right to access the Personal Information we hold about you and information about how it is being processed. You also have the right to correct any inaccuracies or omissions, have the Information suppressed if you believe it is not necessary for the purposes described here or if it is being used for purposes to which you have not given your consent, and to object to the processing of the Personal Information in any other situation.

By logging into your account (if applicable) or contacting us using the methods listed in Sections “Requests to Know” and “Requests To Opt-Out Or Delete Your Personal Information” above, you can update, remove, or correct your Personal Information that we have on file for you. We also take reasonable measures to confirm your identification before giving access or making modifications in order to preserve your privacy and security. Any requests for updating, deleting, or correcting your personal information will receive a prompt response from us.

Any request to exercise the rights outlined above must unavoidably include the following information: i) your name and address; ii) a copy of your official identification (passport, voter’s ID, driver’s license); iii) a detailed description of the personal information you wish to access, rectify, suppress, or object to; and iv) any other requirements outlined by the applicable law.

Any complete application will receive a response from Green Mowers within 20 calendar days. If the request for access, rectification, cancellation, or objection is appropriate, Green Mower’s response must state as much, and in that case, Green Mowers must act within 15 calendar days—the longest period permitted by the relevant law—from the date the response was given to the owner of the personal information, or his or her representative. The appropriate provisions allow for the extension of the times. Green Mowers may give you electronic copies of your Personal Information if you exercise your right of access.

How is Information Secured?

We retain the data we gather for as long as it is necessary and applicable to the goals listed in this privacy statement. Additionally, we keep personal data so that we can comply with the law, stop fraud, settle disputes, troubleshoot issues, and pursue other legal options.

When determining the proper retention period for personal information, we take into account the quantity, nature, and sensitivity of the information, the risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure, the purposes for which we process the information, including whether those purposes can be fulfilled in another way, and the relevant legal requirements.

In rare cases, we may anonymize your personal data (making it impossible to link it back to you) to allow for its unlimited usage without further informing you.

To guarantee the security of all information provided through the services, we employ industry-standard security procedures.

On the other hand, there is no way to guarantee the security of data sent over the internet.

We disclaim all responsibility for any data changes or losses, or for any interception or disruption of internet communications. The security of any passwords, biometrics, user IDs, or other kinds of authentication used to access password-protected or secure sections of any of our digital services is the responsibility of the user.

To protect you and your data, we may suspend your use of any of the services without notice, pending an investigation, if any breach of security is suspected.


You have the right to limit the use or disclosure of your personal information at any time for purposes other than those required to fulfill our legal obligations. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Information Privacy Department by mail or contact form if you want to limit how your personal information is used or disclosed. Be sure to include the specific reasons why you want to do so.

Additionally, if you want to stop receiving unwanted Information, you can sign up with public consumer registries. Please contact your local or national consumer protection authority for more information.


Your Personal Information will be confidential with Green Mowers. Unless you have given Green Mowers permission to transfer your personal information or unless such disclosure is required by law, they won’t divulge it to anybody else, except to:

  1. enforce any of our Terms and Conditions of Use,
  2. comply with a court order or other legal process,
  3. safeguard our rights or property,
  4. or in connection with the sale of the company or any of its assets.

Green Mowers shall follow the aforementioned Notice before releasing Personal Information to a third party. Green Mowers will also make sure that any third parties adhere to these standards and will enter into a written contract with them that stipulates that they must offer at least the same degree of privacy protection that Green Mowers does.


It is impossible to guarantee that data transfer over the Internet is completely safe. The security of any information you communicate online cannot, therefore, be guaranteed despite our best efforts to secure Personal Information. All such information is shared at the user’s own risk.

Nevertheless, after receiving your transmission, we make every effort to keep your personal information safe. We have put in place the necessary managerial, electronic, and physical safeguards to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information that is in our care. Firewalls and other safety measures are used to secure and protect our data networks. Along with technological safeguards, we also take other steps to ensure the security of Personal Information kept on our property or by our contractors, such as limiting access and using locked storage containers.

You will be informed as soon as it is practical to do so of any unencrypted Personal Information that was or was reasonably believed to have been obtained by an unauthorized person in the event of a breach of our systems, unless a law enforcement agency notifies us that notification would interfere with a criminal investigation.


Green Mowers only makes use of personal information for the purposes for which it was originally collected or later approved. Green Mowers will make every effort to make sure that Personal Information is reliable for its intended use, accurate, current, and complete to the extent required for those purposes.


Green Mowers employs a self-assessment strategy to guarantee adherence to this Policy. This includes an ongoing evaluation to ensure the Policy is correct and being followed. If you have any concerns, get in touch with us, and Green Mowers will look into it and make an effort to settle any claims or disagreements about how we use and disclose your personal information.


There is no need to register on Greenmowers.org. You have the option to register on Greenmowers.org. You can visit all portions of Greenmowers.org that don’t require registration, even if you decide not to register.

Whether or whether you register on Greenmowers.org, we automatically track and acquire the following anonymous information about you that does not personally identify you but aids in site administration, trend analysis, tracking user movements, and obtaining broad demographic data for aggregate use: IP addresses, domain names, computer types, and web browser types are just a few examples.

Your consent is necessary for the collection, processing, and use of the data obtained during the registration process. This consent may be given electronically, and as previously mentioned, you have the right to revoke it at any time in accordance with the provisions of this Policy’s Opt-Out and Access Rectification, Suppression, and Rejection sections.


Cookies are used by Green Mowers for a variety of things, including the storage of data necessary to figure out how to provide information to your machine correctly. Regardless of whether you create an account, Greenmowers.org sends cookies to every visitor.

A cookie is a little data file that your web browser temporarily stores on a web server for later retrieval. A web server cannot access or discover private information about you using a cookie. Nevertheless, if you choose to provide Personal Information to a website, such as by registering on one of our websites, this Information may be connected to the information contained in the cookie.

The usage of cookies is rather common, and you may probably find them on the majority of other websites. Most browsers have cookies enabled by default. If you’d rather, you can change the settings on your browser to receive a warning when you receive a cookie or to reject cookies altogether. You won’t have any trouble using this website’s features or viewing its content if you disable cookies, but you might miss out on the personalization options.


Online behavioral advertising (OBA) is practiced by Greenmowers.org in accordance with the standards established by the Digital Advertising Alliance. On Greenmowers.org, Green Mowers tracks information about your browsing habits using anonymous cookies. Third-party ad networks then utilize this data to present you with advertisements on other websites throughout the Internet. These cookies don’t contain any information that may be used to identify a specific person, and they aren’t connected to any personal data that Green Mowers has gathered.

At http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/optout.asp, you can use the Network Advertising Initiative’s (NAI) multi-cookie opt-out mechanism to refuse to receive advertisements from third parties. Only the machine and browser combination used to opt out are valid for these opt-outs. Since these opt-outs are saved in cookies, they will be deleted if you clear your cookies.

You won’t get adverts based on your browsing history from an NAI third-party advertising network if you want to opt out of that network. However, you can still see ordinary online advertising.


If you live outside of the United States, any information you give us through this website may be transmitted to Green Mowers and/or any other business that is a part of Green Mower’s economic group and kept there. No further authorization is required for this transfer. Please refrain from submitting personal information through this website if you do not want it to be shared outside of your home country. You hereby expressly consent to the transfer of your Personal Information to the United States by providing such Personal Information. Additionally, you consent to the processing of your Personal Information in accordance with both U.S. law and local law.


We may provide personal information to third-party service providers for their use in carrying out their functions, including (without limitation) IT service providers, data storage, web hosting, and server providers, debt collectors, maintenance or problem-solving providers, marketing providers, professional advisors, and operators of payment systems.

Additionally, we reserve the right to divulge personal data to our partners in business, agents, subcontractors, and/or connected organizations.

Regulatory bodies, courts, and law enforcement agents may be given access to personal information as necessary to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights in connection with any ongoing or pending legal processes.

We may also give access to personal data to agents or contractors who assist us in offering information, goods, services, or direct marketing to you.


To process analytics data about our services, we might use technology and other solutions from third parties. Several of our analysis collaborators are

Google Analytics.

For more information, please visit the Google Analytics Privacy Policy. To learn more about how to opt out of Google Analytics’ use of your information, please click here.

LinkedIn Analytics

For more information, please visit LinkedIn Analytics’ Privacy Policy. To learn more about how to opt-out of LinkedIn’s use of your information, please click here.


For more information, please visit Twitter’s Privacy Policy to see how Twitter will use your information and how to adjust your privacy settings.


For more information, please visit Facebook’s Data Policy. To learn more about how to manage or delete your information and how to adjust your privacy settings,click here.


For more information, please visit the Google Analytics Privacy Policy. To learn more about how to opt-out of Google Analytics’ use of your information, please click here.

Amazon affiliate

Greenmowers.org is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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Social Media Platforms

Social media buttons from platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord, Facebook, and YouTube (which may include widgets like the “share this” button or other interactive mini-programs) may be present on our services. Your IP address, the page you are visiting on our Services, and a cookie may all be collected by these features in order for them to work properly. Your interactions with these platforms are subject to the provider’s privacy policies.


For its own content that is made available on this website, Green Mowers is accountable. The information has all been thoroughly reviewed, and it will continue to be expanded upon and updated frequently. Green Mowers does not warrant that this information is current or entirely correct, however..

This page also provides links to other websites on the internet. Green Mowers is not liable for the accuracy, completeness, or quality of the Information found on these websites because it is not in charge of their content or design. Furthermore, we disclaim any liability for the privacy policies of other websites. Please review the privacy statements of every website you visit.


Customers’ information may occasionally be used by Green Mowers for new reasons not previously mentioned in this privacy statement. We will notify you of any changes to our information practices here and provide you the option to opt out of any additional uses if our information practices change in the future. Check our website frequently if you have concerns about how your information is being utilized.