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[Sticky] Rules and Guidelines  


Green Mowers
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01/08/2018 8:38 pm  

Green Mowers wishes to run a family-friendly online community. In order to ensure all users enjoy our forum, all members are required to abide by the following rules:


  • No users under the age of 13 are permitted to register for a forum account without a parent's or guardian's permission.
  • No illegal or unethical activities or discussions of said activities are to take place on this forum.
  • No spamming: advertising or recommending one's business when appropriate is allowed, but not excessively.
  • No harassing or provoking other users; remain friendly and open to all.
  • No posting personal information: this is the internet.
  • In general, keep to a G or PG level of discussion.


To the furthest extent applicable by law, Green Mowers is not to be held responsible for its users actions on these forums. We will take all necessary precautions, including warning and banning users, to keep this community open and beneficial to all. These rules will be updated on an as-needed basis with or without notification. It is the user's responsibility to remain compliant.

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