Mean Green Mowers – Industrial Electric Lawn Mowers

Introducing Mean Green Mowers

Mean Green Mowers, based out of Hamilton, Ohio, has been producing walk-behind and ride-on electric mowers since 2012. All of the company’s products use lithium batteries to provide the following benefits:

  • Low noise
  • Zero emissions
  • Zero gas
  • Low maintenance

These offerings, combined with the mower’s premium quality, is why the company nicknamed “The Tesla of Lawn Mowers.” The company has taken additional steps, such as adding rollover protection to all of its ride-on mowers.

Electric Lithium Technology

Mean Green Mowers: Old AA and AAA batteries.

Batteries are the main limiting force of electric technology, as batteries can only store a limited amount of energy. For the longest time, commercial batteries (such as AA and AAA batteries) used a mixture of zinc and other metals and chemicals to produce an electric current. These battery types are unable to hold much charge. As a matter of fact, these batteries are not much improved from original battery designs.

Thankfully, companies are increasing battery life through researching and implementing lithium technology. Unlike zinc-based batteries, lithium-based batteries are rechargeable and offer much-improved battery life. Unfortunately, these benefits are not without their drawbacks:

  • Danger: Lithium-based batteries are more likely to explode. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is a good example of these dangers.
  • Self-discharge: Lithium-based batteries are subject to loosing charge over a period of time. Although this rate is smaller than comparable rechargeable batteries, it is still a drawback.
  • Finite battery life: Ageing lithium-based batteries are unable to hold as much charge or perform as well as newer batteries. Moreover, they can be more dangerous.
  • Cost: Lithium-based batteries are expensive.

Additional research and battery advancement is beginning to mitigate these drawbacks.

Solar Panel Battery Boosting

Mean Green Mowers: Solar panels in the middle of a desert field.

Being a more premium mower producer, Mean Green Mowers also offers solar panels of some of its mowers, namely the CXR-52/60. These optional panels, aptly named the “Solar Assisted Mower” (or S.A.M.) option, helps to increase battery life during long jobs on sunny days. It also gives the user some shade.

Ride-on Mowers

Mean Green Mowers: A ride-on mower mowing a grass field.

Mean Green Mowers offers three different walk-behind models:

  • CXR-52/60
  • SK-48 Stalker
  • NXR-48/52

The CXR-52/60 is a 52 or 60 inch electric zero-turn mower that is compatible with the S.A.M. option. The SK-48 Stalker is a stand-on mower, and the NXR-48/52 is the company’s lightest ride-on mower. It too is compatible with the solar assisted mowing option.

Walk-behind Mowers

Mean Green Mowers: A walk-behind mower in a yard.

Mean Green Mowers offers two different walk-behind models:

  • WBX-33HD
  • DWBX ReVolt

The WBX-33HD is a 33-inch mower that can run for 7 hours on one charge, whereas the DWBX Revolt is a dual-drive electric mower. Unfortunately, neither mower is S.A.M. compatible.


Mean Green Mowers: A person working at a cluttered desk.

Mean Green Mowers is an innovative company making great strides to ensure a sustainable future. Although an expensive alternative to gas-powered mowers, these electric mowers include a series of additional high-quality features.

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