Putting Green Mowers Overview and Discussion


Commercial putting green mowers are specialized machines — unlike typical mowers, they are designed to mow grass to a height of under 0.2 inches.

How they Work

The traditional commercial putting green mower is essentially an upgraded reel mower. These mowers trim grass by circulating a long, spiral-like blade horizontally over grass. While some putting greens operate on push-power, most are motorized to ensure an even cut. Some are designed as ride-on mowers; most are walk-behind.

Cost Range

Commercial putting green mowers typically cost in the $500+ range. Although available new, it is much cheaper to purchase one used.

Maintenance Needs of Putting Green Mowers

Putting green mowers tend to have high maintenance needs. Their spiral-shaped blades need to be routinely sharpened so that they can cut grass without issue. Additionally, gas-powered components need routine maintenance.


Putting green mowers are often unable to cut through debris, such as sticks, stones, etc., as such obstructions may damage their blades.

Non-commercial Backyard Solutions

Golf-enthusiasts are often not able to afford or store commercial mowers for personal, backyard use because of the mower’s initial price and upkeep costs. However, many push-reel mowers are able to serve as an alternative through cutting grass to an extremely low level.

Other Considerations

Keeping grass at a low height is a challenging task. For starters, the shortened plant is unable to weather any period of drought. Sprinklers or regimented watering is essential to the plants’ survival, but will also encourage growth. Finding a balance between routine mowing and watering is key. For best success, research the golf course grasses that would work best in the area.

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